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Il Castello Borghese

unique property for sale

We are ready to welcome the new owner of Il Castello Borghese.
A person who will leave mark in the history of this place

Il Castello Borghese  

A dream turned into reality. The lands of the reserve and the architectural ensemble offer the owner an unlimited range of opportunities, both commercial and non-commercial. We are ready to welcome the new owner at the helm of Il Castello Borghese. A person who will leave their mark in the history of this place with a firm hand.


The lands of Il Castello Borghese extend directly to the Tyrrhenian Sea from the south. Here, there is a gentle sandy beach, a private port, and a small bay.


The castle located within the villa's grounds was constructed in the late 16th century and remains

a remarkable example of Italian Baroque architecture. It showcases a magnificent yet austere combination of stone, from the façade to the interior decor. The spirit captivates you from the threshold, but the true essence awaits inside.


The halls and rooms are adorned with numerous works of art, acquired by the Borghese family throughout different periods of their history.


198 549 m² Exclusive Property FOR SALE

An astonishing landscape unfolds, where dense forests intertwine with open spaces and water bodies. The reserve is rich in fauna: it is home to wild boars, foxes, hares, wild piglets, ducks, pigeons, and pheasants.


The Flora

As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in the breathtaking flora of Il Castello Borghese. And believe me, even the most seasoned connoisseur will not remain indifferent.

Here, flowerbeds bloom, dense forests provide coolness, and endless fields please the eye.


 What makes the flora unique? Here, there is a mixed forest of oak and cork oak, pine trees, and Aleppo pines. Lavender grows in the garden, while various parts of the park feature exotic plants such as palms, stone pine, oleander, cypress, and samshits.


The layout of the park is inspired by Italian gardens of the Renaissance era. And Il Castello Borghese is surrounded by an orange grove and fruit trees.


The lands of Villa Borghese are spread just 40 minutes away from the airport and 30 minutes from the center of Rome. It is easily accessible via the highway or train.



The unique position of Il Castello Borghere is in the middle of two Ports – Marina di Nettuno and Anzio Porto


Marina di Nettuno

The most picturesque way to reach the residence is by sea. The estate has its own dock and marina. The ability to dock your own yacht or boat makes the property even more enticing.


Porto Anzio

On the other side of Marina di Nettuno is Porto Anzio. It‘s located in the city center and is characterized by the presence of two piers.

Near the port you will find shops of various kinds, bars and restaurants, and 2 paid guarded car parks.




Il Castello Borghese and it‘s land, with its unique history, resembles an ancient chronicle that has survived to this day in most pristine condition. Every square meter of land here holds the memory of centuries of history, and every stone remembers more than any wise man. At the same time, this chronicle is accessible to the thoughtful reader, the true connoisseur of history, the seeker of genuine exclusivity, and the admirer of "not for everyone" objects.


The Development In These Areas Began As Early As 1648.


Il Castello Borghese was a jewel of Italy, and the privilege of owning it fell to the most influential families of its time. At various times, the owners of the property included senators, lawyers, and even Pope Paul V.

The Caves

On the grounds and beneath the residence, there is a whole gallery of ancient caves.


Throughout the centuries, the role of the caves has constantly changed, adapting to the circumstances and demands of the time. They were used as warehouses for servicing the port, wine cellars, mushroom farms, shelters from invaders, and even military headquarters.







Space for constructing a hotel, spa and swimming pool, with 2 floors and one underground floor.

Area possible to build up to 34 630 m2.




Unique combination of sea and pine wood forest create a perfect conditions for all kinds of clinics or rehabilitation centers, especially luxurious one.

Wonderful air, panoramic views and a touch of history and religion recover body and mind.




Possibility to divide the territory into two separate ones. Luxury villas can be built on each of them.

The area is possible to build on western part area possible to build up to 7 258 m2 in the original forest,

on eastern part area possible to build up to 27 372 m2 with a beautiful view of the sea.




Family villas can be built in the territory. Houses can have two above-ground floors and one underground floor.

Area to cover on western part is 94 831 m2 area possible to build up to 7 258 m2.

Area to cover on eastern part area 84 676 m2 area possible to build up to 27 372 m2.

Houses can have their own gardens integrated into the landscape.




The land offers the possibility of implementing sports facilities.

Sports club with accommodation in a wonderful environment with a view and access to the sea.

Sports facilities can also offer restaurants, bars, spas, accommodation and more.




A dedicated space for hosting events with a current area of 700 m2.



Il Castello Borghese

…awaiting a new name on the pages of its history

…and it is in your hands!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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